The 10 Commandments of Self-Care

Yesterday I shared about my journey about my weight gain and body image.

Today, I had some horrible sugar cravings again.

While in the 4th store looking for deodorant and listerine; ( my husband is a bit picky!) I was struck with a compulsion to buy lifesavers.

I was trying to convince myself that eating a roll of lifesavers would do me good; so I searched.

I couldn’t find a roll; but I did find a big ole bag. I took them off the shelf and I put them back on the shelf about 3 times.

Then I decided to search a little longer for that single lifesaver roll and entered Christmas Candy hell.

My eyes fell upon my childhood stocking stuffer dream: those lifesaver christmas packs that contained 5 or 10 rolls.

You had me at multi-pack

Again, I pick it up and started to rationalize that I would eat just one roll and throw the rest away.

Yet, this wasn’t my first trip to the lifesaver storybook pack rodeo. I knew that if I bought that pack that I would eat at least 3 packs.

I began to cry.

Yes, in the middle of the drug store I was crying and cursing that 10 pack for controlling my life.

I heard Delilah Dazzle told me to step away from the candy aisle. Delilah is my intuition. Yes I name her (judge if you must.)

I dried my eyes and walked away secretly hoping that a single lifesaver roll was waiting for me at the checkout counter.

It wasn’t.

As I slid into the car and grabbed onto the steering wheel; I surrendered my sugar craving.

I prayed for God to take it because I just couldn’t deal with it anymore.

Thankfully, he took my craving

Lifesavers are deadly for me. They trigger all kinds of good and bad childhood memories.

After I had regained my composure I asked Delilah: what was that about?

Your lack of faith makes you crabby and you are wanting sugar to sweeten you life.

Then she said: create those 10 commandments and your need for sweetness will disappear. She was right.

I created my 10 commandments and the sweetness is beginning to return. Here are mine:

1. I influence the scale; I don’t control. It holds no power over me.

2. I only wear clothes that honor my body as it is TODAY.

3. Fit trumps size everyday of the week. Both in health and in clothing.

4. When I eat I eat; When I read, I read and when I TV I TV

5. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am satisfied.

6. I allow my gut to illuminate my life.

7.Hating my body only makes the scale tip up. To tip it down; I first love my body as it is today.

8. I welcome cravings as a gift that is providing vital information to my ongoing transformation.

9. Everyday I work towards mastering the art of slow down and savor.

10. Forgiveness and gratitude are the kindling to my metabolic fire.

Sista Chat time: I just revealed my struggle with food. Are you willing to share yours in the comments below so I can help you? Also, are you willing to create your own 10 commandments?